what are the prices of cigarettes in Berlin?!

Question: What are the prices of cigarettes in Berlin?

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The cost of smoking is to increasing in Germany and the incremental increases will begin in May 2011 and push the average cost of leading brands’ 19-cigarette packs over 5 euros (6.6 dollars). The high Prices will also affect cigarillos, cigars and pipe tobacco.


Well, as I know the cigarettes prices are quite high in Germany. Usually people from this country resort to other alternative methods of buying cigarettes. They bring these from abroad or buy the cigarettes online. It's a way of money and time saving methods, believe me

It depends on the brand, but as a rule a pack of 17 will cost about €4, 24/25 about €5 and 30 about €6. If you use a vending machine, you need to have a German photocard driving licence or ID card or an EC debit card, but as stated waiters and barmen should have a bypass key.

about 7.5 american dollars.

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