Is this normal to be so tipsy?!

Question: Is this normal to be so tipsy?
When I drink half a glass of wine my face is numb and I'm super tipsy. I'm 5'4 and 109 lbs. I don't drink often, I usually drink beer like bud light. I can handle about 4 beers. Is it normal for me to be so tipsy from this wine? Or is something up with the wine? I got it at walmart, I think it's 11% alcohol.

I've been drinking for years now. Not much, just once every few weeks.


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yes, it is normal. everyone is different with their tolerance levels. i have been drinking for 10 years now and still get a good buzz after 2 beers.

yes, your little...try monitoring what you eat, or drinking it slower. Think about how long it takes you to drink your 4 beers too...

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