are there any tricks to be able to drink more without getting drunk?!

Question: Are there any tricks to be able to drink more without getting drunk?
or getting drunk as fast, or being able to consume more?
idk, something creative that works?



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Eat a pizza before you start drinking. Don't drink on an empty stomach.

- Eat before or while you drink.
- Drink water between every drink you have.
- Drink slowly.
- Don't do drinking games.
- Stick to one type of alcohol, and you probably won't get sick.
- If you drink several types of alcohol, start with the one containing the least amount of alcohol.
- Don't do shots.
- Don't smoke if you don't usually smoke.
- Don't drink a lot while sitting and then get up. It's best to drink while standing or moving.

If nothing works and you still end up wasted and sick, drink a lot of water before you go to bed and take one prescription-free allergy medicine and at least you won't have a hangover.

stick to hard liquer, the alcohol in beer, and low proof drinks is easier to be absorbed by your body, the alcohol in liquers(at least 40 proof) is hard to be absorbed

basically, drink four beers or four shots of whiskey, the alcohol content is the same, but the beer will have you closer to being drunk

i don`t think so there is any.drinking is stupid thing even though i do it myself.well try lick lemon.may be it help but i am sure there isn`t any way.don`t drink too much mate.just because of drinking i was about to lost my eye.think about your parents before you drink too much. be safe

eat a fatty meal before the fat in you system inhibits the absorption of the alcohol in you stomach. Also have a glass of water every few drink and you will be able to go all night!


If you don't drink on an empty stomach, you might be able to drink a little more in moderation without getting drunk. Also, try to drink a glass of water in between drinks.

eat before hand and stick to hard liquor

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