Is weed what it seems to be?!

Question: Is weed what it seems to be?
I don't smoke or anything but I always hear people taking about it. They always fight over if weed is bad for you. WhT do you think


I believe anything and everything you eat affects your body in good and bad ways. I have worked in the medical field and also have a brother who has ms that can legally take pot. You dont just have to smoke it to have a effect. Making it into butter and making cookies or brownies, are helpful for people who cannot smoke very well. But know pot is a drug and even though there is no record of anyone dying from smoking to much or getting black lung, you still should be taking it for a medical reason. It helps with anxiety and pain. Make sure you follow the laws and find out if you live in a green state. Good luck! I would rather my children use pot than smoke cigs or become alcoholics, weed is for sure less harmful to the health of people... and thats a fact of the 3 I listed.

The Union: The Business Behind Getting this documentary.

Weed isn't great for you. Smoking anything isn't exactly super healthy, but its better for you than cigarettes, and less addictive. Also less addictive than alcohol, in that marijuana is only mentally/emotionally addictive, but not physically. Your body never builds up a dependence for the substance, so you don't go through withdrawal like you would when detoxing from alcohol or nicotine.

People just think its bad because someone told them it was. (in 1937 to be exact. the first marijuana law was put in place.)

I used to smoke weed all day everyday but I just recently stopped for my bf. It really chilled me when I was Mad. I honestly think it made me feel Better and more happy. The only problem I had was in athletics I couldn't breathe that well so I quit athletics in order to be able to smoke. Many stoners can really run though. Aha but alll my friends agree that there is nOthing bad to smoking


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