3 years old Carlsberg can beer?!

Question: 3 years old Carlsberg can beer?
Can one drink a 3 years old can beer without any health risk ? I have opened a can recently and noticed floating particles in it .. some say its due to oxidation .. any comments ?


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No 3 year old is not allowed to drink beer yet because they are still young to be drinking beer so they shouldn't drink beer.

You might be able to but is it really worth the risk for one can of beer? It isn't recommended you drink or eat anything after the use by date, a few days perhaps, I'd even consider a couple of weeks with lager as alcohol tends not to spoil so quickly but 3 years is a little riffy, even for me.

everything has a shelf life,and for the cost a 1 tin of beer is it worth risking your health

It's Carlsberg, couldnt taste much worse.

I don't know what your heart can tolerate. I personally wouldn't drink Carlsberg even if it was 3 days old.

Be a man and just drink it. If it tastes gross throw it out after...

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