if YOU got pissed now on a bottle of wine would YOU sober up by 5am?!

Question: If YOU got pissed now on a bottle of wine would YOU sober up by 5am?
suppose you drink a regular 75cl 12.5% bottle of white plonk now. Would you be sober by 5am?


A bottle of 12.5% will have about 9.5 units of alcohol (13% is 9.8-just checked a bottle), the average person,apparently,metabolises 1 unit per hour,so you have less than half an hour to finish the bottle to have a chance of being clear. Assuming you are average of course!

As it's 1105 here, yes, of course I'd be sober by 0500. (If you mean "on average, how many hours does it take to become sober after consuming 75cl of 12.5% wine?", probably 12 hours or so. The wine being white would probably be much less likely to cause a hangover, too - dark alcohols are quite a bit more probably to cause hangovers, but regardless of colour, ANY drink of 12.5% alcohol will have the same intoxicating effect.)


I would be since it's only 1:13pm (13:13 for those using the 24 hr clock)

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