Advise on how to get home from a night clubs?!

Question: Advise on how to get home from a night clubs?
Ok i am at university in Birmingham but live at home in Dudley, me and all my friends want to go to the opening of a new night club (opens at 10pm to 4am) we want to go at 11 and finish at 1 or 2 unfortunately there are no trains or buses after 12 so how do i get home from Birmingham to Dudley which is pretty far away i though of taxi but it will very expensive right.


Taxi, Much less expensive and much safer then an accident or DUI....

Taxi or appoint a designated driver. Whatever you decide, do not attempt to drive home if you've been drinking.

assign a designated driver

As ling as Ur not drunk, drive or have a designated driver who cAnt drink

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