Can smoking old shisha make you sick?!

Question: Can smoking old shisha make you sick?
I haven't had this problem with the new stuff I've bought. But I bought some discount shisha and smoked it for about 45 minutes, about fifteen minutes afterwards I started vomiting. Again, I've smoked for much longer with new, fresh shisha. Can older shisha induce sickness?


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I have smoked reputable brands of shisha that were 3+ years old. No problems. I have smoked brand new shisha made by horrible companies that made me vomit. Years setting on the shelf won't make you vomit, just flavorless.

Cheaper shishas often use Corn Syrup. It's bad to consume period but when you smoke the vapor from it, it's creating a volcano in your stomach.

Other Possible Reasons:
Ate too Much before you smoked.
Smoked on an Empty Stomach.
The coals you are using are too cheap and producing excess CO and CO2, which allows you to breathe those gases in.

Experienced Hookah Smoker of Over 10 Years……

It's probably because it's the discount stuff, don't cheap out.

hell yes

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