What type of alcohol is least harmful to the liver?!

Question: What type of alcohol is least harmful to the liver?
Just trying to go easy on ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ORGANS!!!! I do drink a couple times a week[end] so I want to drink what is best (or not the worst) for my liver. Anybody know?


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Ethanol is less harmful than most other types of alcohols....

That's a trick question, because there's only 1 "type" of ethanol the body can tolerate and chemically dispose of - Ethanol, CH3CH3 (chemical formula).

One with a very low alcohol content...
Such as wine coolers/malt beverages

Go for something under 6%

the alcohol you don't drink
the danger is probably quantity, though everyones metabolism differs

Don't take Tylenol or any over the counter drug that contains acetaminophen.

lol at lexa

"Ethanol, CH3CH3 (chemical formula)"

good try... but come on CH3CH3? really??

whatever is in low concentration - beer, even spirits if they are mixed with juice or softdrinks

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