Are pub nights fun? I need to make friends...?!

Question: Are pub nights fun? I need to make friends...?
Alright, So i'll keep this short and sweet. I'm in my 2nd year at university, I don't live on campus and I haven't made any real friends. I was wondering if Pub nights are fun and if so, are people usually friendly and open to talking to others outside of their circle of friends? Because, im in my 2nd year and on my second semester without any friends, so im sort of worried that everyone will have their own cliques by now and I don't want to walk in there and look awkward I really don't handle rejection very well. As you can see, im really not a people person but Im sick of staying home and playing MMORPGS ( online video games) and watching my friends from high school add new friends to their facebooks everyday.

BTW, I go to York University.


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Pub nights are a blast people are nice and also out to meet people, so have fun!

I think you need to know there are people out there like you and they are just not as commonly found, but I would look into charity events and the activist community.... like delivering food to the needy, things like that you would meet people with a lot of heart and even if they are not your exact match, you'll be happy....

you need one bossom friend, one really good one, and you'll not need to be down....and so don't be like the bandwagon, be like you and just go out and have fun being yourself and people will follow you. You have to figure out for you yourself why you are different, and celebrate the reason why you were made to be you....

then list all the reasons that you are happy this is you and not anyone else..... then put down things you can find in others that match this the closest, the friends that come from this exercise will be better than all the people with friends you envy

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