What does it feel like to be drunk and high at the same time?!

Question: What does it feel like to be drunk and high at the same time?
I DO NOT DRINK...im juss asking....i dnt think im planning on trying it tho...im just asking...thank you=)


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I love it

It depends on the conditions. If you go out and get obliterated drunk then smash like four bongs, you'll end up vomitting for hours and you won't be much use to anyone. If you get drunk, sober up a little, then smoke some bongs, you'll straighten out, feel great and you won't get a hangover. If you smoke bongs then try to get drunk, you'll get hungry and bored and end up smoking more bongs instead. If you manage to smoke bongs in between drinks, you'll probably just float on the happy cloud for a while. Bong before beer and you're in the clear, beer before bong and you're in the wrong.

it depends how drunk you are, how high you are, and what you are high on

very very very relaxed

spinning and flying at the same time

makes me want to f... really a lot

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