any ideas on how to keep teens away from alcohol?!

Question: Any ideas on how to keep teens away from alcohol?

Teach them to drink it responsibly when you're at home, so that when they get tempted by it at a friend's house they can say "I know that drinking too much is bad, so I'm going to make sure that YOU aren't being stupid by drinking too much" and encourage them to stay sober for the sake of their idiot friends.

Oh wait. You just wanted to hear me say something about hitting them with a Bible, right?

I'm 19 and was drinking alcohol way before I should have. I've since cut alcohol out because I hate it, I hate drinking it and I hate what it does. I think it was because the only times I would drink, I'd drink ALOT. I'd end up vomitting for hours and losing memory and a couple of times I ended up in situations that make me feel sick now.

There's not much you can do to stop teens from doing things. My parents tried to stop me from getting piercings, I had 15 by the time I was 18. They tried to stop me from smoking pot, I do it every day. You can tell them the facts and give them awareness but you can't tell them not to do things and if you try to be forceful they'll only rebel.

Keep on top of them. One of my friends had parents who used to go through their room looking for a grog stash, they'd go through his bag, watch how he spent his money, monitor what he did at night.

Well really, it's almost impossible. Drinking has become accepted amongst teens. For parents, the best thing you can go for your kid is to let him/her trust you. Tell him/her that if they are going to a party where alcohol is being served to let you know and you won''t get mad. Just pick them up from the party and make sure they don't drink too much.. Strictly enforcing the rule can make matters worse, and the teen will want to rebel even more. And in worse cases, he will be drinking behind your back.

tell them the dangers of it like addiction duis, etc.

bribe them with something and then take it back

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