Does A Mini Tobacco Pipe Provide A Long Smoke?!

Question: Does A Mini Tobacco Pipe Provide A Long Smoke?
I am going to get a tobacco pipe, and a person on yahoo answers suggested a meerschaum pipe. I like them, but they are wicked expensive haha! I saw mini's, but can a mini provide a nice long smoke?


well it depends on bowl size. if by mini you mean those cheap little paraphernalia shop pipes, i wouldn't expect your smoke to last more than 10 minutes tops. check out the estate pipes on ebay.

pipes smoker

They are subject to tongue bite I'm afraid. You may not be happy with it - Not sure this is an option, but flea markets have used pipes - all yoiu have to do is either get a new mough piece, or boil the moughpiece for a few minutes....

It's why I smoke cigars.

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