How drunk will I be with Bacardi 151?!

Question: How drunk will I be with Bacardi 151?
Weigh 135 5'8" n got Bacardi 151 gonna do 5 shots within 10 minutes


You'll pass out and be fall over drunk!


lol! You're my height and size when I did shots of 151 for the first time. I only did 4 shots within 15 minutes or so, and I threw up, quite a few times. After years of drinking I could probably do this, but It would still get me pretty wasted.

Drinking that much in such a short time is never a good idea, but if you have to ask you're definitely not ready.

Probably enough to end up in the ER, and then later possibly in court b/c of your age.

Very drunk that's some hard stuff. Even after one shot you feel it. I would space it out some.

you are not gonna feel feelings. thats for sure. you are gonna have some night that you prob wont remember

You may collapse.

Oh Sh*t! Sounds likea good time! Haha
You'll be sh*t faced.

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