drinking alcohol at 14 help?!

Question: Drinking alcohol at 14 help?
all my friends say im addicted to alcohol cuz i hate the taste but i always drink it they also say im addicted cuz i say i drink cuz the pain goes away am i addicted the first time i ever drank it was crown royal now i only drink whiskey


You're drinking whiskey regularly at 14? I'd say if you think you have a problem, you probably do. 14 is clearly too young to ingest hard alcohol on a regular basis. You should find a trustworthy adult to talk to about this so you can get some help.

that's right we don't drink beer here we do the hard stuff boy liquor . but in all seriousness try doing something else to get rid of the pain. try drinking tea, juice, koolaid, coke, when you want to drink. or try doing a martial art. it will make you focus on your movements and stop focusing on everything else. this is what helped me find an outlet


I would stop simply because, I wouldn't want to be obese. And the more you drink the more likely you will create belly fat that will be hard to get rid of, not to mention your face will start looking old, like you had a hard life. quit now while you have a chance to reverse the effects.

Well, I'd like to say; if the whiskey helps you too cope with your pain, then by all means keeps rolling - just becareful not to ingest to much as it will give you internal problems.

Drink so much you puke every time you drink, and nurse a hangover every day. You will quit soon enough.

good shiit im with u on this im 15 btw

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