How To Have The BEST Experience With MDMA?!

Question: How To Have The BEST Experience With MDMA?
So lets say I know someone who has pure MDMA in white powder form. He is looking to have a peaceful time. He is hoping to get a better outlook on life and be happier. He has been told that putting it in an empty capsule will give him the best experience. He has been told that it will take 30-60 mins to kick in and last for 4-8 hours. He would really like to experience an afterglow. Will people notice when he is on the mdma?

What info can you give swim? In no way am I promoting the use of illegal substances, I am just trying to gather information. Thanks :)


Pure MDMA is colorless. The yellow color that you sometimes see on MDMA is due to it having not been properly washed with acetone after the synthesis is complete, which leaves behind byproducts of the synthesis, giving the final product an off-white to light yellow color. Just because it's white does not mean that it isn't MDMA. It could just mean that the chemist who made it took the time to do it properly.

People will notice that your friend is on something. MDMA is one of the most obvious drugs there is. People might not know what he is on if they aren't experienced, but people will definitely notice that he's on some kind of drug.

To experience an afterglow, take about 125 milligrams or so orally and do not re-dose when he starts to come down. Re-dosing doesn't increase the effects or duration significantly, but it does increase the risk of neurotoxicity and will result in a worse hangover. If he takes one 125 milligram dose and then goes to bed when he comes down 8 hours later or so, he will probably have a nice afterglow the next day.

I don't recommend doing it in a public place where most people are not going to be on drugs, or if there are parents or other adults around. If he wants to do it in public, take it at a "rave" (electronic dance music event). In that environment, many people will be on drugs, the lights will be very dim, and if anybody notices he's high, nobody is going to care in that environment. If that isn't an option, take it at a house party or something where nobody cares.

There are right and wrong places to take MDMA. A rave or other party of that nature is good. A small, private house party is good. Taking it at an organized event where people will not be on drugs is bad. Taking it if he will have to interact with his parents or other concerned adults is bad. The setting is important, both because MDMA is more enjoyable in an environment conducive to MDMA use, and also he does not have to worry about somebody catching him all night. Worrying about getting caught can be a major buzz kill, or if he acts all Xd out and goes around hugging people and telling them he loves them, he might regret it later. If he's gonna do it, he needs to do it in a place where he doesn't have to worry about getting into trouble for it.

Note the link below to a picture of pure MDMA powder compressed into a block. Notice that it is white. I've also linked to a picture of MDMA that is in a non-compressed powder form, and once again is white. The final link is to one more picture of MDMA powder, which again is white. The fourth link is to a picture of MDMA that was not washed properly and is yellow/brown in color.…………

If it's in white powder form, it's not pure MDMA. Should be light brown/tan.

People might notice, some people talk a lot, some people don't at all
Eyes get big
Everyone experiences different things. Best to be in a comfortable place with friends to get the best experience. And drink LOTS of water or you'll regret it in the morning.

Personal experience… - Thoroughly read the information on this site.

I highly encourage you not to take the drug, but since you won't listen to my advice... I highly suggest that you at least be fully informed from a neutral party... Erowid will give you the Pros/Cons of everything. Scroll down for the Personal Experiences section

they'll know. its really obvious when YOURE GRINDING YOUR JAR BACK AND FORTH. and you'll feel like **** afterwards even it it is pure...don't do it, if you value your intelligence.

Stick with weed, it grows in the ground =]

This looks like a confession. Got any last words to say to the camera?

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