How much is too much alcohol?!

Question: How much is too much alcohol?
Having 2 to 3 units of alcohol (I.E. a domestic beer or a shot of 80 proof liquor)per night; 5-6 nights out of the week, is that too much? The drinks tend to be to either unwind or relax before bed.


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Depending on if you're male of female it's good or bad - women should have less than men. Not a good idea to rely on alc for sleep because it can become increasingly habitual and you have a greater chance of dependance.
It's a good idea to explore other relaxation techniques like reading, exercising or meditation.
But 2 - 3 units aren't very high on the list.

well to be honest you sound like every other american... so its not to bad... a drink or two before or after a meal won't hurt anyone.... thats what everyone does.. but to be honest i would ask your doctor... because i can tell you one thing, like yeah its fine but idk... if you're a 250lb diabetic young person or a 150lb decent shape and healthier older man... clearly a distinction..... your doc will obviously tell you to tone it down to as much as possible... so just ask him hey doc or call if you want to make it easier... tell him hey doc... i do this and this and this.... # of nights.... what can happen to me? or how bad is it.. if only drink this certain amount of liquor... clearly there is no doubt over a long term period any amount alcohol consumption is bad.... but in this day an age... who isn't drinking... so we all do it.... so i would mostly worry about any implications it can have in a more restricted time frame than a long distance... (but don't neglect the distance either at all )

Perhaps do it every other day... then eventually every other two days if you can... if even possible down the road one week yes one week no... that way you can expand your drinking time..and not effect your self... whats worth it """ 4 weeks of drinking 1 month """ straight or "" 4 weeks of drinking in 2 months "".... which will your body love more .... i do substances/and alcohol.... i try to alternate and reduce alcohol... every while 2-months one thing--- a month liquor..... 1-2months nothing... and then again... that way your are spreading your drinking amount to more time... without rendering more of your health away....


but yeah this is all just me.... I only answered because i have a similar question, but not with alcohol... so i though i'd give in my two cents

That's not a lot of alcohol a night but 6 nights a week yeah that's not normal that could into a bad habit and dependence but you know wats best for ya if your ok then great!

Yes if you "depend" on them

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