Why didn't I have a hangover?!

Question: Why didn't I have a hangover?
Okay so it was new years and I was with my family (who are Mexican so they do drink a lot , lol) anyway I had a sip of remy with pineapple juice/vodka/ 2 half shots of tequila/ and beer mixed with sprite. I think I was buzzed ? Idk I just felt really care free I guess anyway I woke up the next morning excited for my first hangover and I got up and I felt fine! I was like WTF... I expected to atleast feel yucky or something. Was it because of the sprite that kept me hydrated or what???? I'm 14


Some people can just handle alcohol well.

as mac said some people handel alcohol really well, and just because of that you will not always get a hangover, be glad you dont they are bloody painfull and a punishment for drinking it dong in the first place, if you do handel alcohol well, enjoy it and don't feel as though u dont fit in because you didnt get a hangover, just be who you are and have fun
and for a hangover you have to drink a lot and by a lot atleast several shots, however i repeat, don't be excited for a hangover, imagine it as a migraine they are similar

It sound like you didn't really get drunk
to get a hangover you usually have to be more then a little bit buzzed
BTW hangovers suck. they make me never want to drink again....or at least until next week.

you weren't drunk cause you hardly drank anything. to get a hangover you need to be drunk. why do it? its NOT fun

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