1 shot 1 hour? is it true?!

Question: 1 shot 1 hour? is it true?
iv heard the term "1 shot 1 hour". is it true that 1 shot will wear off in 1 hour? so if someone took 3 it would take 3 hours to wear off? (im not going to. i don't drink. im just curious)


Everyone on tv says that it takes 1 hour for 1 standard drink to wear off but everyone's different, on the other hand if you have like 3-4 shots a minute...well its gonna be a long night.

For some people, yes, and some no. It's more of a myth, than a fact, and shots can vary, person to person. A can of beer will go right through someone, like me, but a shot of Jack could take longer. Eating greasy food, like burgers and bacon theoretically absorbs the grease in your system, which I would personally believe, being drunk quite a few times, with, and without burgers, etc. I'd say, it depends on the circumstances...

Yes is the short answer. There are other factors that apply, such as weight, gender, what kind of alcohol, etc, but in general, that is the standard.

More important factors include your weight, gender, fitness level, tolerance level,
abv in the shot = Obviously it takes longer to recover from Everclear than Malibu

I don't know how many units are in a shot, but I was told that it takes an hour for each unit to wear off.

every body is different, sounds about right though

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