The best way to prepare for a night of drinking (how to get drunk slow)?!

Question: The best way to prepare for a night of drinking (how to get drunk slow)?
How can I make sure that it will take a lot more alcohol than usual to get me tipsy or drunk?


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1. eat while drinking.
2. Drink non-alcoholic drinks between alcoholic ones
3. Get up and move around a lot, including going outside in cold air.
4. Drink slowly.
5. Sleep and eat normally the day before and day of. If you are hungry or tired, you will feel the alcohol much faster.

Well the obvious answer is try not to drink that much! LOL - but ok, well eat dinner - if you can, potatoes are a great carb that can help process sugars pretty well. Also pasta. But if you do drink too much I dont reccommend pasta.

Anyway, my trick is ICE ICE and lots of ICE - I put it in my Coronas, white wine, and of course liquor - lots of people to this - you could say your aunt does it or something if someone thinks its weird and I guarantee other chicks will start doing it LOL - and if you are at a bar, tell them to put a tiny splash of water in your drink. Just a little one. It helps melt the ice which will therefore keep your drink tasty, but very soon diluted too - and then also you wont get that sugary hangover that accompanies colas or juices. Man those suck.

Moderation my good fellow. Whatever you normally drink, make a drink about half the volume of that. Either that, or only drink one drink every hour or so.

many parties

? Why would anyone do that? That's essentially saying "how can I spend as much as possible on drinks tonight?"

Whatever. Start drinking early and drink slow. No one said it makes sense.

Eat heaps before you start. Bread and pasta, starchy foods like those are really good at soaking up liquids.

try eating margarine before drinking!

Go drinking on a full stomach. Especially high carb foods like breads and pasta.



you have to mixed alcohol with soft drink so that it will take longer time to make you drunk

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