Spilling to much information while drunk?!

Question: Spilling to much information while drunk?
I noticed when I get pretty drunk I start talking about stuff I shouldn't in front of people and this is really a problem.. Well I know you guys are going to say well don't get drunk but is there a way to control? Does it have to do something with high tolerance?


depends on whats being said, first and for most, most people don't believe a really drunk person anyway, they just laugh,make fun of ya being drunk and give dirty looks, hopefully your around Good friends or family when your drunk so they know you mean no harm. to add to that, just let people know you might say a couple crazy things when your drunk and to pay them no mind. If its that Much of a problem just eat instead. you cant talk when your mouth is full, and your sober up a little at the same time

Watch what you drink. Beer and some wines are mild. A good filler is cocktails as opposed to neat shots; they last longer so you'll have fewer drinks, and you'll be consuming less alcohol. So try not to do shots, and if you are, you should figure out your tolerance levels first. Keep track of how much you're drinking, and try spacing out your drinks to give them time to have effect. That way when you feel like you're losing control you could stop the alcohol and go in for a little coffee. Oh, and keep yourself hydrated, have plenty of water to avoid that hangover.

idk, anytime i've drunk i guess :/

m8 am just the same before you start drinking just try to talk about something cause useally when am thinking about something a should'nt talk to other people about i end up telling them

yeah u shouldnt drink it destroys your liver brain and causes throat cancer brain cancer and liver cancer too

just talk about sports instead

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