What is the name of the wider mouthed champagne glass, is this just a wine glass?!

Question: What is the name of the wider mouthed champagne glass, is this just a wine glass?
It's my birthday Friday and I want to play champagne pong, I think the flutes would be too small to get a ping pong ball in so I want to use a wider Champagne glass. Is this just a wine glass? Is there a special name if not? Also do you know where I could find 12 of these glasses rather cheaply as I just want them for a few games of pong?


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you can get plastic ones at most any party store, complete with the stem and wide flat bottom.
Take a look.
You can probably even get different colored ones.
If you have your heart set on glass ones, take a look at second hand stores. They have TONS of fancy glassware, some stuff still the the box that was donated.

I thought it was called a champagne saucer. They were popular in the 80's. My parents had some, but nobody uses them anymore because they are terrible about making the champage go flat due to the huge surface area created by the wide saucer. I really have no idea where you would find these. I would try a party supply store and check out their plastic wine/ champagne stemware that you click together.

You could always just use martini glasses

Its called a champagne coupe. I think I bought about 15 the other day at the thrift store for ~$1 a piece.

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