Drinking beer and hard liquor?!

Question: Drinking beer and hard liquor?
Is it bad to drink beer and hard liquor all on the same sitting ? Someone said its bad to mix drinks.


Never mix, never worry

That means, pick a drink and stick with it and you are less likely to get sick than if you drink more than 1 type of alcohol.

Another mantra goes "Liquor to beer have no fear" and "Beer to wine you're doing fine", but I live by the "Never mix, never worry" code of boozing it up

Typically, yes, it isn't a good idea to mix different types of alcoholic beverages in one sitting. Mixing liquor types is the most likely to make you sick, since liquor is usually 80 proof (40% alcohol) and beer is usually only between 4 - 7%. The more things you mix, the greater your likelihood of getting sick later or being hung over in the morning might be. But with liquor and beer, I'd say this really depends on a lot of things, like what type of each and how much, and how these things usually affect you as an individual. Beer is fairly light in alcohol content as compared to liquor, and mostly comprised of water. Sometimes a bartender will serve a "beer back" (a small little glass of beer) with a shot of liquor (often something cheap with a strong after taste, like tequila). In my experience, having a little bit of beer when you've been drinking mostly liquor, or vice-versa shouldn't really affect you all that badly, as long as you're wise about it.

I'm old

Ja, you know people say don't mix but I think that when they say that they mean don't try everything that the bar has to offer and then they mean hard stuff. If you alternate between beer and cider... nothing worse will happen. On my nights out I often alternate between vodka/limes and cider and I'm fine. Just don't go from rum to vodka to wine to schnapps to Irish cream, etc. So rule of thumb: don't drink more than 2 different types of things and space them out, no worries then.

Everyone reacts different to mixing different types of alcohol. Usually when you mix a lot of different alcohol that means you are probably not drinking water, and therefore will probably get a pretty bad hangover.

Very bad. Especially if lager and dark liquor like rum. Are you even old enough to drink?

yer but it makes you feel good.. untill you throw up everywhere

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