what is the best alcohol for a lady to drink on a night out?!

Question: What is the best alcohol for a lady to drink on a night out?

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Whatever it is that she likes. Shots are not so very feminine but then shots are not so macho either.

If you mean the best drink that a "lady" should drink on a night out, I'd say that something classic is always good. I prefer white wine or sometimes a margarita on the rocks. If you're out with your friends and everyone is ordering one of those drinks that has "naughty" names, like Sex on the Beach or Screaming Orgasm, just go with the flow and order one. They're pretty much fruit juice, ice, and alcohol. Just don't do too many, cause in my experience, that much sugar and alcohol together, usually equals thowing up!

If it's like a "Ladies Night" kind of thing, I'd say Cosmos, wine, fruity/sweet drinks. But just your average night out, drink what you like. When I'm in a girly mood it's usually gin and tonic or Southern Comfort and Cranberry. When I'm not, it's Guiness and Jameson.

Depends on what she is trying to accomplish, such as:
1. look sophisticated - gin and tonic.
2. get plowed - tequila shooters.
3. look like one of the boys - beer after beer after beer with a shot of Bourbon back.
4. get plowed by one of the boys looking at her - a carafe of wine.

One that she likes the taste of, can drink reasonably well without getting too drunk, and comes in a small glass - i.e. not a pint. My personal preference is a gin & tonic, but that's because that's what I like and can drink plenty of without getting plastered.

Something you know that you like and that wont make you sick. If your not sure as to what that is then start with something not too strong that tastes okay and see if you want something else

Ethanol is the best and only alcohol you or anyone should be drinking. The other alcohols such as methanol and propanol may kill you!

A pint of Guinness and a packet of cheese and onion. Might not be very ladylike but what the heck, you're there to enjoy yourself not impress HIM!

Depends where you are going and who you are trying to impress. Personally I love seeing a girl with a pint of beer in her hand.

There are only 2 kinds, Ethanol, and Methanol.
Methanol is poisonous.

Cosmo or Appletini

Louis Roederer Champagne!!!


Alize and crystal

Not too much. Lest you get taken advantage of.

Chilled white wine.

White wine spritzer

Any kind of wine.

white wine, or the alco pops seem to sell well

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