How to drink absolut vodka, get smashed but not throw up... Will this work?!

Question: How to drink absolut vodka, get smashed but not throw up... Will this work?
Before I ask, I should probably start by saying I am of legal drinking age, I just don't drink very often. I'm splitting a 26 with three other people, so I was thinking I'd start with 2 shots right off the bat and then have one every half hour (out of my share). Does this sound like it'd work? If not, is there a better way to do it?


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Shot = 1 to 1.25 onces
So you have 750ml/25ounces and will share that with two others. You plan on having three shots in the first hour and two shots every hour thereafter. That just may work and you may be fine or it may have you vomiting like a firehose. Assuming that you are an average sized adult male I put you at 160 pounds. At 160# 5 shots in two hours gives you an approximate BAC range of (0.11-0.13) even after compensating for elapsed time while the BAC after the next hour is (0.15-0.17). These are not widely high values for BAC and most experienced drinkers can deal with the indicated levels of consumption.

Although your session seems like a moderately heavy one it can be done without becoming too intoxicated or sick, I suggest you spread it out further over another hour or two. Follow standard recommendations of eating a meal prior to drinking and be well hydrated before as well as during and certainly after drinking the alcohol.

"Absolut? Absolutely not"

I'm not a fan. I know vodka doesn't have any real taste or smell, but there is something about Absolut that makes me sick every single time, even with just one drink! I think I might be allergic or something.

Switch to a premium brand like Grey Goose or Ketel One. You may find that the difference in quality makes all the difference in your drinking experience.

Sounds like your methodology will work. Different people have different tactics for not getting sick, but in general ensure you have eaten before you start drinking and pace yourself. Since you want to get smashed, my typical suggestion of drinking in moderation is not applicable in your case. Have fun, be safe and please have a designated driver if you are out.

If you are smart about it you will be fine. Drink a lot of water in between shots and eat plenty of food to help reduce the stomach lining irritation that alcohol causes (which is where the sick feeling comes from).

Probably not.

Andrew M is right. Vote for Andrew M! (or me if you want.)

good luck

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