My 10 year male german shepherd drinks too much water of late, is it normal?!

Question: My 10 year male german shepherd drinks too much water of late, is it normal?
Early this January, she got a cold and was sick for a while. Got well with antibiotics but relapsed later. Was cured again. Today she was having trouble breathing like her nostril was blocked. It passed after a few seconds but I am worried. Please help.


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Not realizing that dogs could be diabetic, I was shocked when I was told a friend of mine has a dog that was diagnosed as diabetic. Drinking lots of liquids is one of the telling signs of diabetes. Take her to a vet for sure.

I agree, take him to a professional if you are at all concerned.

To check for deydration, pull on the skin on the back of their neck. If it springs back very quickly the dog is deydrated, if it slowly goes back into shape, it is not.

But regardless have your dog checked whenever there is a change in diet or behavior.

Take him to the vet. Any pet that suddenly begins drinking lots of water needs medical attention. Don't worry, just take him to the vet

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