how to lose bear belly without quit beer ?!

Question: How to lose bear belly without quit beer ?
please suggest


Do ab crunches a lot, bike a lot, or jogging and dont eat meat. That will do magic

The ONLY reason you have a gut is because you are eating and drinking more calories than you're burning on a day by day basis.

Either consume less calories or burn more. It really is as simple as that. Keep in mind that beer is high in calories, that is why big guts get referred to as "beer bellies." There is an average of about 150 calories per 330ml bottle of beer, (about 11oz's.)

Do some cardio, get into running, or ride a bike around town for transportation. You'll start to lose those pounds if you do enough.


join the gym or do stomach exercises in home -----------your stomach muscles will get strengthened and you will not have beer belly ----------plus you can enjoy beer

good luck

BEER belly... not bear belly.... grow up and quit drinking

passed the 3rd grade

I'm working on that one myself dude...I hope that increasing exercise will help.

I don't know but if you find out let me know...
My suggestion, lots of cardio. Nothing's ever easy.

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