How do you tell if someone is stoned? on weed?!

Question: How do you tell if someone is stoned? on weed?
often a my buddies are stoned or something and everyone is laughing or looking at them funny, but I can hardly notice anything different about them. I want to say bro your stoned but I'm never sure if they really are.


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Glassy eyes, red eyes, pupils dilated.

If their eyes are red and they are acting like or a retard. Or their eyes are red and they are just staring off in space.

And if someone has ever gotten high and you ask them if they are stoned they aren't going to think that you are stupid or something. They really don't care. So if you think that they are stoned just ask them, either way they are going to laugh and answer you truthfully.


Ask him a really complicated question. Through his answer, you will tell.

look at my eyes. there eyes, and their stupid *** smile lol and there facial expression, the saggy eyes and junk

your a *****.

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