What are some popular alcohol drinks amongst teenagers?!

Question: What are some popular alcohol drinks amongst teenagers?
What are some drinks that are popular with young people?
not necessarily under-age drinkers, but just youth.

i need to provide drinks for a group of teenagers, all legal drinkers btw, but not sure what they like.
ideas? thankyou


OH GOD! Do NOT do jungle juice! Unless you want to have drunken people throwing up everywhere! And doing who knows what else. Most people can't drink that shyt and walk a straight line. Or walk at all for that matter! It's so sweet and you can't even taste the alcohol. Won't realize how much you've drank until it hits you!

It's a bunch of alcohol(liquor:gin,vodka etc etc) mixed in with fruit punch. Not a good ideal.

College age. Vodka&Redbull,and just your regular domestic beer. No wine coolers or other overly sweetened mixed drinks. And it's much cheaper as well. A big liquor store is your best bet. Just don't do top shelf liquor and you'll save a good bit of money.

I'm 24,and have many friends in their 20's ,early 30's.

Hmmm thats a risky situation being the provider of alcohol to in experienced drinkers, if someone decides to go for a drive when they are drunk and crash u can be held liable.

Anyways though if you want to be the cool mom, imo any alcohol would be cool! jager is a herb alcohol and you mix it with redbull. If you want to play it safe get a few cases of beer and some smirnoff coolers for the girls, around 6 beers/ 4 coolers per person. Also you could get a drink called sour puss its only about 20% so you wouldn't have to worry about alcohol poisoning and it taste like juice.

Well i am just guessing...

Wine coolers, baileys, non-alchohalic beer, and kalooha.

But i never got invited to party's and my parents were strict church-going-people with no alcohol to steel in the house, so i never got a chance to drink as a teen.

But now i party it up with my boyfriend Yon.

You could just do a big jungle juice. It's very fruity and delicious. Basically if there are girls coming then do fruity flavored or something with a funny name. For guys just make sure you have beer on hand.

alcopops like Bacardi Breezers, smirnoff ice, (even though i can't see the attraction myself)
Also like vodka and coke, vodka in any soft drink really...


Malibu! SO delicious and everyone loves it, especially younger people.

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