When was the first time you did not get carded?!

Question: When was the first time you did not get carded?
What age were you the first time they didn't ask for your id because they could tell you were older than 21?


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Depends on where you go and how serious they are about the law. There was a little grocery store in my neighborhood, run by 2 old ladies. I started buying beer there when I was 14. I think if you were big enough to get your money up on the counter, they would sell it to you. Then there was a large chain grocery store that was still carding me in my early 30's.

First time was when I was 16. I ordered a beer at a restaurant with my family and didn't expect them to serve me one. They did and no one said anything and I had the beer.

19, in South Lake Tahoe. But I looked old for my age, and wore a tie, never got carded.

I still get carded yet I am in my 30s

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