my mom drank a bottle of captain morgan?!

Question: My mom drank a bottle of captain morgan?
it was a 750ml bottle.
i have never seen her drunk before. what do i do. i helped her to bed. do i need to do more???
please help thank you


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I can tell we're not related or she would have thrown another bottle in her lunch box, got in the car and left for work. That's a lot of booze for someone who doesn't have a history of drinking. Set a bucket next to her in case she needs to throw up and keep a eye on her unless by some remote chance, she gets alcohol poisoning and quits breathing. If she's a large woman there is less to worry about. Eventually it should burn off and she'll hate herself in the morning. It burns off at the rate of about 2 oz. of booze per hour for hard stuff from the time she started drinking.Which reminds me,get her to drink a large glass of water to cut down on the head ache in the morning.If you give her coffee you will just have a wide awake drunk to deal with.

Been there..done that..

Just leave her alone. It is her fault that she drank so much, and she is an adult. Let her know tomorrow that she needs to start taking responsibility for herself so you can feel secure and know that she can take responsibility for you. This isn't your fault. If it happens again you need to find a trustworthy and responsible friend or adult and stay with them, because it isn't healthy or fair for you to have to see your own mother like this! God has a plan for you and will take care of you no matter what.

William gave good advice but in case she feels really bad you need to have some aspirin, gatorade or sparkly water with some lime juice, coffee is not a good option, she needs to hydrate her body. Try to lay her on one side in case she vomits she won't asphyxiate. Good luck!

Put a bucket and a towel near her and leave a table lamp on in her room. Allow her easy access to a bathroom. She will get over it.

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