Where Can We Drink Alcohol..PLZ READ!!?!

Question: Where Can We Drink Alcohol..PLZ READ!!?
Okay so me & my friend are going to drink four locos with some girls tomorrow but we cant find a spot to drink at..were only teens & we cant seem to find an open pad to drink at..so we want to dirnk outside since we cant find a house..where is a good place to drink alcohol to not get caught up by the cops??? pleaseee give me some ideas..


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Not that i condone this or anything...but put the drinks in other containers and dont freak out about the cops, they wont do anything really, im in a law and justice class with an ex-cop, we've asked him so many scenarios bout these things, i say just be casual about it, like you're allowed to do it, but drink it in diff bottles

Go to a park that many people don't go to. Sit in a circle so everyone will have a clear view of one side of the park, that way one of you can say if someone's coming. Oh... and, don't mean to sound like a smart-***, but WHY DON'T YOU PUT IT IN A DIFFERENT CONTAINER SO NO ONE WILL KNOW YOU'RE DRINKING ALCOHOL? Like one of those brown Arizona bottle.

Not that hard to think.

Ok for one four locos arn't gonna get you laid lol But what we used to do when we were teenagers was pour our booze in pop bottles and walk aroud the city and get wasted and do stupid stuff. Just don't get puking sick and it's a good time.

Like the others said pour it in other containers so it seems casual. Also if you have a brown paper bag that works fine. Just don't seem like your drinking alcohol...be cool about it

we can drink alcohol plz read in resturant.

Silly Delinquent teenagers! alcohol is for adults

anywhere where the cops dont go.... inside a park is usually a good place, or on a playground.

Nowhere at your age. Deal with it chico.

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