What is your favorite brand of bourbon?!

Question: What is your favorite brand of bourbon?
Don't put a Tennessee Whiskey please. Also put a couple tasting notes maybe.


Makers Mark, I really like it because it's not too strong in taste but does get you to sleep easily. (It doesn't have a very strong taste of alcohol but it has the same amount as most bourbon. I like to accompany it with trail mix, granola or flapjacks, mostly because I have a lot of it at home because I'm making it for my kids all the time, but also because the tastes combine quite well for me. It's great to relax after a long day. :)

Me, myself, and I.

Bourbon is always from Kentucky...never Tennessee

I usually go for Knob Creek or Maker's Mark when I'm in a relaxing mood, but every now and then I still get into fun-aggressive-drinking mode in which case I go for the Old Grandad. Don't ask, it's just what I do.

In terms of tasting notes... I should be able to do this since I'm taking my Sommelier exam soon but I just like Knob Creek and Maker's Mark. Both have a very acquired taste though.

George T Stagg is my all time fave, but good luck finding any. It sells out fast.

For the cash, I'm good with Bulleitt or Bakers.

Tasting Notes: http://www.practicalwhisky.net

What a trick question! And even if I were to name a Tennessee whisky as my favorite, which I would, I wouldn't name Jack Daniel's, but rather, George Dickel No. 12! It's the Bourbon drinker's impossible dream!

Makers Mark, Pappy Van Winkle, or Blantons. Pappy is much more expensive and not sold at most liquor stores, so I would recommend buying it if you ever see it!

Woodford Reserve sometimes and Knob Creek most times.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed on payday, when $ is an issue Evan Williams Black Label

Makers Mark.
Nice flavor that isn't overwhelmed by the burn. Makes a great Manhattan.

jim beam black label - fuller and cleaner than white label


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