My 21st birthday is in a few days what bottle should I invest in? Patron?!

Question: My 21st birthday is in a few days what bottle should I invest in? Patron?
I was thinking a bottle of Patron but has anyone tried that is it worth it? 50bucks? Its my 21st birthday so I want to go all out. What is Rosay?


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''Rosay" is usually shortened for Moet and Chandon's Rose Champagne. It's just an overly priced and glorified champagne. If you want good Vodka, go with Grey Goose. ~$50. Patron's are all different prices depending on the "level". It is true that more expensive doesn't make it better or get you drunker.


Have you ever drank before?? Just because it cost more don't make it great or better! It really just depends on your taste some are beer drinkers, some prefer wine and others prefer liq

do you have any friends to go out with maybe you guys could go out and try out a few drinks variety and take a cab home!


Get yourself a bottle of Jack Daniels ,it will keep you warm at night ,give you loads of useless information and make you invisible (you think) on occasions.


AAhh man 21st birthday I remember mine lol wasnt that important what I was drinking only that I was drinking you have plenty of time to figure out what you like years later...laugh live it up and have fun

If you want tequila, Patron is childs play. The best tequila made is Chinaco. Google it and be amazed.

15 year bartender

Invest? I would go with either Pepsi (PEP) or Coca Cola shares of stock. Both can be had through DRIP programs.... Happy 21st birthday...

patron is definately good! but if you like vodka, try grey goose! its the only kind i can tolerate.


Patron isn't worth it, and mind you I drink a lot of tequila.

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