What will happen if you drink mouthwash listerine?!

Question: What will happen if you drink mouthwash listerine?

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Drinking a lot at once does come with the possibility that you'll die, but that's not guaranteed. You will get sick though. Likely, your body will reject a large dosage of it and purge it anyway it can which means you may end p on the floor vomited and pissing yourself at the same time. Your liver and kidneys are also going to have a hard time processing any amount of mouth wash as it's all chemicals. Personally I don't even use mouth wash as it's so bad for your body - instead I use hot salt water.

The short of it is that drinking it in large quantities will punish you quickly and violently, drinking a little bit at a time over an extended period will punish you slowly and your doctors will have a very hard time trying to figure out why your liver is failing. If you've accidentally swallowed some while brushing your teeth than you'll be fine. No need to see your doctor or induce vomitting. Just follow it with a tall glass of water to dilute it in your stomach

Depends on the amount and type.
Large doses can be fatal.

Your farts will smell minty fresh.


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