What Menthol Cigarette do you like best?!

Question: What Menthol Cigarette do you like best?
My personal favorite are Marlboro Menthols. They have a high quality taste and i like that you can still taste a little bit of the tobbacco as well. I find Newports are harsh and poor quality and make my lungs hurt.

So what do you like best?

marlboro menthols
or anything else


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Mild Seven is smooth to me.

You might want to think twice about smoking it, menthol or not. You won't touch another cigarette after reading this http://smokelesscigarettereview.org/smok… It's disgusting


you ever try Marlboro black menthol?


I always liked Camel menthols. they seemed to have the best flavor and weren't has "harsh" as Newports or Marlboros.

Kools just tasted cheap.

marlboro cigarettes

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