How much champagne does it take to get drunk?!

Question: How much champagne does it take to get drunk?
Like a whole bottle or like just a little, goin 2 a prty 2morrow and heard they were servin pink champagne.


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It depends on a lot of factors:
- How big you are.
- How much on average you drink (or your tolerance).
- Which gender you are (women absorb more alcohol into their body on average than men do).
- If you are a female, you absorb more and feel the effects more when you are menstruating.
- How much food you have in your stomach and what (if it is easily absorbable like rice or bread).
- What kind of champagne you are drinking, some are more potent than others.

I can only speak for myself, an average build 5'4" woman who ate a moderate amount of food, drinking standard champagne (nothing fancy that's been aged for 10 billion years), who drinks from time to time and has a medium-low tolerance...probably could do 3-4 glass before I got drunk.

P.S. Drunk in champagne land is much different than hard alcohol or beer (in my opinion) its a little more relaxed and giggly, at least for me. As my French family stay girl said, "The champann, it make you geeggell!"


Well I've once drank a bottle of Rose' all to myself, and that was back when I was 14 and about 110lbs, and I wan't really that drunk or anything, more tipsy.

It depends on how big you are. One glass of champagne has the same alcohol as one of most other drinks, except that it is absorbed faster.

Usually 1 bottle per person.

Three or four glasses of champagne usually start to make me happy, six to eight and I need a nap...

i would estimate about 4 drinks to get tipsy. depending on male/female, age, weight, how often you drink etc etc.

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