Is it safe to drink shots of 96% alcohol?!

Question: Is it safe to drink shots of 96% alcohol?
I brought some of this stuff back from Andorra and it isn't denatured with methanol so it's not directly poisonous.

The bottle says that it is for strengthening alcoholic drinks and has no flavour of it's own, but could someone drink it straight for a bet say?

Oh and I'm not asking if it's s good idea and I doubt that much will be consumed, just if it will do serious damage.


Even if you did get permanent damage, imagine how cool it'll sound in the pub.
"nah sorry mate, i cant smoke no more cos my throat is damaged"
friend: "oh yeah? how'd you do that?"
"I drank several shots of pure alcohol"
friend "fcuks sake thats cool"

The Pub

It will definitely do some serious damage if you have a shot of it, 30ml, really anything over 50% i would not touch, even at that level i would only have half a shot at a time, so 96% not really a good idea

You will damage your throat nerves, which will affect your natural way of swallowing food. You will have swallowing problems, and die of choking from food in the future.

Sorry to rain on your parade but it's not safe

<- Has done shots of 95% alcohol (190 proof)

Ask your liver afterwords.

It will burn your mouth like hell kid.
It will burn your throat worse.
Don't believe me?
Have a shot!

that's worse that vodka and peopl ehave died drinking that pure...

I would say the chances of damage is high.

I've drunk Absinthe and 100% before on a regular basis. It won't kill you in moderation. Less = More.

its vey bad for yoeure liver

might burn a bit on the way down!

why ask us, when you can ask jeeves :D

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