If a drunk person has sex.......?!

Question: If a drunk person has sex.......?
If a person is drunk, and has sex with someone, was the decision to do that really what they wanted, i.e. would they have done the same thing if they were sober? or would the choice to have sex have been a result of being drunk and unable to think clearly?


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Drinking is no excuse to bang your wife's sister...learned that one the hard way.

They probably would have done the same thing if they were sober. Being under the influence removes a persons inhibitions, fears, anxiety but also that means their ability to think clearly.

They may realize the morning after that the person they had slept with didn't use a condom, had disease, was someone they did not like, or simply they just aren't normally a very sexually active person.

This is difficult to answer because there's degrees of being drunk. If the person is aware that they're having sex and doesn't object, then it was what they wanted to do at the time. Would they have done the same thing while sober? Only they could answer that.

If they're really drunk they may be almost asleep or not aware of what they're doing and then you could say it happened because they weren't thinking clearly.

when i was in college, i got so drunk with my date, we were both drunk, long story short me and her did it and then my roomate somehow did it with her and then the girl ran off called the police and said we both raped her. I no longer drink and Im glad the truth saved me but yeah i seen beautiful 21 year old woman leave clubs monsters than to the liquor.

I feel that people are more honest when they are drunk. So perhaps if you really wanted to do it when you were sober but didn't have the courage, you would end up doing it if you were drunk (i.e. have sex with someone you like?)

Personally, I have never ended up hooking up with some drunk who I didn't like sober. But it does make you feel less inhibited.

However, being drunk is not an excuse for cheating or getting with someone who is taken.

all of your suggestions are true. But MORE IMPORTANT, birth defects will happen when a Mother drinks while crrying a baby.

It's hard to say without knowing the people. But I do know that "Drunk Sex" can be really fun.

depends. some get really honest when drunk, others more crazy

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