i want to start smoking and drinking alcohol?!

Question: I want to start smoking and drinking alcohol?
im a 22 year old loner guy in england..... i have no friend and i also have no social life
so and the fact is i have no girlfirend either............i'm thinking about smoking and drinking into pub clubs because im bored and i got

and i got nothing to do.....

I might get a smoker girlfriend who somkes and drinks too..... If i start smoking and drinking alcohol
i might look cool..... and finally girls will like me also.... because girls like smokers and drinkers

yeah so i think that may get me social life.... if i start smoking i think girls will like me more because i will look cool in front of girls and other people..... and everybody drinks beer alcohol so imight get social life and make friends in clubs pubs....... i want to have friends and i also want a girlfriend

which i don't have so smoking will make look cool in front girls

and.... maybe all the girls will like me

more if i smoke cigarette


ah that's messed up. girls don't care if you smoke or drink. who told you all that nonsense? girls are under 18 yrs. so we are talking bout women. women would like a man that talks to them and remember what they said. don't be shy. you must take the initiative in everything , but leave room for her to be independent. go to the clubs and dance with these women.even if you need to take dance lessons. if not go to the club and ask a woman to dance with you even though you might not know how. once your up dancing. tell her the truth that your not a good dancer, and that you want to learn. also tell her that this is probably the only time you will dance with a beautiful woman such as her. i had always had a slim chance with a woman i was interested in. i kept at it and i did win some over, but the best part is now IM married for over 10 years now.


You seem to have a pretty sad life. No offense intended.
Okay, first things first, DO NOT smoke. You'll regret it once you start. It's going to kill you slowly and yet you'll be addicted. No, and people will not like you just because you smoke.
Sure, you can drink a little, but don't end up being some idiotic drunkard wasting your life away drinking.
Just like another contributor said, join some clubs. Community clubs. Anything. Do volunteer work. Meet new people. Take confidence classes. Oh, and if you don't have a job, get one.


No offense but you don't sound 22. You sound like a little kid in both the way you think and express yourself. I think that 22 year old is old enough to know that smoking does not make you cool. Being cool means being yourself. When you feel comfortable with who you are, what you like and don' like, only then will other people and girls accept you. I know a lot of really cool guys who don't smoke.

Go away troll.

If this were a real question I'd tell you to start smoking and drinking if you want to because smoking is cool and drinking is fun. But instead you're wording it in a way that makes all smokers and drinkers look like complete morons who do it because they're low lifes. If you're that down on life don't ruin my fun, just eat a bunch of pills. I don't care if pills get a bad name,

smoke make me as relax as my mind so i decided that i m going to smoke and drink a lot. my girlfriend has left me in my life so it better for me to drink and smoke a lots because i cannot forget her in my life. by drink and smoking i can able to forget her for a movement not whole life so i want to start smoking and drinking alcohol.

I see what you say does not hold together.
I think this is meant to be an advertising for cigarettes and alcohol. Isn't it?
If you really mean it, so you are rich to spend so much money for that kind of stuff.

If you are rich, it's not possible you don't have friends. You could be attracting a lot of friends with the money itself, without having to spend it on stuff. Do you get to my point?

I doubt smoking and drinking would make you feel better. Ask yourself if at the end of the day, when you draw line and add up all you did, those things would make you feel good or would give you a good impression about yourself.

you are kidding right?
dude, my advise to you is DO NOT SMOKE.
and if you want to drink, then do it in moderation...but don't be naive and think that smoking and drinking will make you attractive to the opposite sex.

common sense

Don't be a dumba.s.s

If you want a girl take care of yourself better dude! Go to the gym, get a nice haircut and dress like a man with a plan. Smoking and drinking just gone fok up your life bro.

Get it together

Well that is common reason people start and then about 5 years later they regret it. Join some clubs - drinking and smoking not required.

General Lee - perfect time for that. LOL

If you are not a troll:

I happened to hate the smell of smoke and would never date a smoker.
Drinking in moderation.


oh rite! Lets just jump passed the smoking and drinking and just do some hard drugs.

UMM well i think u should not start smoking because it will ruin ur life and no not alot of girls like ppl that smoke

woooo drink beer

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