Which is safer to drink, tap water or bottled water?!

Question: Which is safer to drink, tap water or bottled water?

If you live in America, tap water is (usually) perfectly safe to drink. Most people buy bottled water because they like the taste better.

It can be cheaper to buy a water filter if you don't like the taste of tap water.

(I went to a small town in Montana once where the water came from the lake, and we had to buy bottled water for everything, even cooking)

(filtered) tap water drinker

Most bottled water is just municipal tap water. Mineral/spring water is generally just spring water thats been processed pretty much identically to tap water. If you drink Aquafini is just water from Pepsi plants stuck in a bottle, Coke does the same thing.

It also depends on where you are. Major western countries have tap water with highly regulated levels of pollutants, minerals and chemicals. They're safe to drink on a scale unknown in human history. Bottled water in those countries is consumed purely for the convenience, feel and mineral content.

If you live in the third world or developing world, your tap water might be piped in directly from somewhere less than sanitary with no filters or processing. You'd risk disease and parasites by drinking it. There, bottled water is much, much safer.

It depends on the tap. If it is a public tap, or the water is off-colour, go with bottled water. If you're worried about tap water in your own house, go to your chemist and see if they sell a "universal indicator", which will tell you if your water is safe to drink or not.

In my country, both tap water and bottled water are safe to drink, but in other countries, to me it is safer to drink bottled water. Bottled water produced by factories (should be) already processed and filtered. However, tap water may not have been treated that way.


I think it depends where in the world you are ??? anyways it is much safer to drink bottled water .


Depends on where you live and how good is the water. Also make sure the pipes in you house are good as well. You really can not trust bottled water anymore, they are so over rated.

Usually, bottled water.

It all depends on the area you live in!
Most places tap water are safer!!

definatly not *** water.

Copious amounts of alcohol

where im from, bottled water. the tap water here has stuff floating in it x_x

Tap. Bottled water has plastic in it


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