is drinking cold water not good for you, is warm better?!

Question: Is drinking cold water not good for you, is warm better?
I read somewhere that you shouldnt drink cold water after or with a meal, but drink tea or warm water, hence should you not drink cold water just at meal time?


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it takes more effort for your body to heat cold water.
drinking 2 litres of ice cold water a day burns 70 calories.

read there

Those ideas appear to be fairly consistent within folks from the Indian sub-continent. They have managed to live quite well following those precepts - but they turn out to be unnecessary. I lived in Germany for three years in the early 1970s and at that time it was almost impossible to get a cold drink or especially an iced drink in cafes and restaurants there. For an Irish/American who dotes on ice cold beer, that was quite a surprise. Ya got your beer from the tap at room temperature - ugh! So it isn't just Indian folk who think that way - and I suppose there's nothing wrong with it...but it's still unnecessary. I drink at least two quarts (liters) of iced tea a day, winter or summer - even will do so today, though it's 15 degrees below zero on the Fahrenheit scale outside...

Actually cold water is good for you especially if you are hungry and can not eat right away it takes your hunger away. If you are trying to stop smoking cold water will help with the urge for awhile.

That is correct. You should not drink very cold or very hot beverages because over time, over-consumption can lead to health problems especially related to the esophagus.

cold water is better anytime with or after always use cold water it is cleanse your system

I always prefer to drink cold water everyday because it makes me healthy and cool.

thats the stupidest thing i ever heard.


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