Do you drink coffee every morning?i?!

Question: Do you drink coffee every morning?i?
i do


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Not every morning, I prefer green tea.

Nope... stains teeth, irritates stomach, causes acid reflux, gets you addicted and jittery... coffee is so tasty but no good!

Only time I ever drink coffee is on occasion in the summer with ice in it.

YES. Not only in the morning either. I love everything about coffee and drink it all day long, although I switch to decaf in the afternoon.

Yup. Not sure if it's the caffeine that gets me going in the morning or if coffee's just a placebo effect though.

Yes, but I mix it up. I like it hot, iced, strait, with creamer and sometimes with a but of Jameson and baileys ;)

Only when I'm extremely tired. Or I wake up craving it.

Yes, except on the rare occasion where there isn't any, then I troll for a Diet Coke

Absolutely, YES!

Need my liquid energy to get my day started.

Absolutely :)


i do too ........

Never. I like my caffeine in soft drinks. yum yum.

nope i drink tea

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