Can you put a chili in a tequila bottle?!

Question: Can you put a chili in a tequila bottle?
Inspired by the worm in the tequila bottle and my love of tequila and chili, I have gotten this idea that I want to put a chili into my new bottle of tequila and when the bottle is eventually finished say in 3 to 5 weeks time (sooner if there is a good party) There is a a lovely tequila engorged chili waiting for me. But i do not know if this idea will work, I cant seem to find any info online, maybe someone here knows. I am worried a do it and the chili starts to dissolve and the tequila gets pulpy


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Yes you can. Here's a website that tells you a little more about how you should go about doing it. You can infuse an alcohol with just about anything. Well definitely anything that is a fruit, vegetable, spice or herb.

You may have to strain it afterwords though to get the chile out and keep it from getting too spicy if that is possible.

I was thinking about doing this with figs and bourbon.

Just about anything can be infused with fruits, berries and even chiles. Oils, vinegars and alcohol included. You could get so me whole dried chiles and place them in the bottle and let it sit in a dark, room temperature area for 3-4 weeks. To get the spiciest flavor, use small hot chilies like those found Asian markets or in the Hispanic section or Mexican grocery. The bigger chiles like those used to flavor sauces are probably not hot enough for your tequila.
The chilies may tend to break apart, get a bit soft but will not dissolve, you can strain the liquid through a coffee filter to ensure a clear product.

yes, and it will add a little heat to the tequila if you let it steep for a while... the chili won't have absorbed much actual tequila, but the tequila will have some heat, depending on the type of chili used.

look up infusions... people do this with fruit, candy, and even bacon. ususally with vodka, but it just as easily can be done with any distilled spirit.

there is NO worms in tequila, only a few styles of mezcal use this as more of a gimmick.

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