Questions About Alcohol and It's Effects?!

Question: Questions About Alcohol and It's Effects?
Before you get started about having to do my homework. I already did, these are questions I missed on quiz. And I don't why. I would like to learn the answer so I can remember them correctly when I have my chapter test for my class.

So thanks for no flaming!

1.) Which of the followign statements is false?

a.) FAS is characterized by brain damage, facial deformities, and growth deficits.
b.) The efffects of FAS are all reversible.
c.) Heart, Liver, and kidney defects are common, as are vision and hearing problems.
d.) Individuals with FAS have difficulties with learning, attention, memory, and problem solving.

p.s I choose c.

2.) According to research what would be the single most effective deterrent for drinking and driving?

a.) Automatic license revocation
b.) Inability to post bail if arrested
c.) Jail Sentence

p.s I choose c.

Thanks for your help!


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I can help with the first one.....The effects of fetal alcohol syndrome are NOT all reversible, so B would be false.

I haven't read up on the research for deterrent for drinking and driving, so I can't say I know that answer. If it isn'r c, I would guess it might be a.....but I really don't know.

employed in the medical field

the answer to 1 is B. you cannot reverse the effects of FAS it is the same as being born with any other disability it is permanent.
2. C

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