Where can I buy a cheap fermenter?!

Question: Where can I buy a cheap fermenter?
just want to try brewing beer every once in a while, i don't need anything expensive, i am a beginner. Since i have no idea if i will stick to this, i dont want to spend too much money, nor do i want to be stuck with 6 gallons of failed brew. i want something between 1 and 3 gallons, glass. any help?
and i like walk-in stores, not online


your best bet would be to buy a 1-3 gallon bottle of cheap wine (carlo rossi, etc)
then either empty it, or drink it... then get a rubber cap with a hole, and a $2 airlock, and you will be set.

update: if you have a 1 gallon jug, just go to a home brewing store, they should have some universal rubber stoppers that will fit it, and the airlock.... at most cost you $3 for everything

I'd suggest wandering down to a local homebrew store. If you want to use your 1G jug you'll be able to find a stopper and airlock to fit it.

While you're there pick up a copy of John Palmer's "How to Brew" it will walk you through every aspect of home brewing.

And FWIW - as long as you have good sanitation it's very unlikely that you'll have a "failed brew". The ingredients want to become beer and as long as you don't give other bacteria and nasties a chance, you'll get beer.

Remember: Clean; then Sanitize. 2 steps. Always.

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