What ID can i use in the UK?!

Question: What ID can i use in the UK?
I'm talking about ID to get into clubs and bars. Apart from a passport and drivers license what else is there??


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They're the two safest ones as if the place you try and get into doesn't know your ID, then they might not let you in as it could be fake. Btw, I assume your including provisionals with driving licenses.

Some places might have local ID cards, but those can't be used outside that area and still, some places might not take those as they could probably be copied as well.

it has to be a government issued photo ID with name & birthdate

this includes, driver's licence, provisional licene (non-drivers) or passport... but you can also use your health card, since you are in the UK, you should have one.

The ID is to prove your old enough to drink alcohol so it needs to be official,
photo student union cards used to be alright.

Sorry if you new that :)

national id card (though sometimes places are unsure. hard rock cafe had to look at list of approved foreign ids to know if they could accept my friends hong kong card)

work ID, but that and passports and drivers licence here in the UK :/

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