Gin without alcohol but the same experience?!

Question: Gin without alcohol but the same experience?
After tasting gin I felled in love with it. I want to drink a bottle a week. Because of my health I want a gin without alcohol. I think I will not be satisfied with juniper juice, I want something as strong burning and tasting. I especially love it alone in my glass(mixed with nothing) and the pine taste.


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Alcohol free alcohol. Normally I try to help, but it sounds like one of those questions that I can just read and think "Is this a joke?".

Sounds like the problem isn't the gin, sounds like you're turning into an alcoholic. Instead of trying to find a way to have more, maybe you should just simply find something else to drink. . .like water.

You could try using Juniperberry Oil and mix it with Propylene Glycol, a common flavor diluent. Then you can add some water to it to adjust its strength. The oil is not soluble in water, that's why you need something like propylene glycol first to solubilize it.

I'm not sure if you can buy Juniperberry Oil where you live, you might have to go online and find a source. There are a few.

Uhhh... w.e floats your boat should be fine :)
Just without the alcohol you probably won't experience the same satisfaction or burning sensation. It'll just taste watered-down.

Are you kidding? Gin tastes like tree sap

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