How many shots does it usually take a man&woman to become SMASHED?!

Question: How many shots does it usually take a man&woman to become SMASHED?

It depends on how fast they drink them in succession. If they are doing them right in a row, then it will take about 4...but you won't see the effect for about 15 minutes. If they are going slow and steady, say one shot every half hour, it will take longer. I usually have 4-6 double whiskeys and cokes along with 3 or four shots over a 4-6 hour time period before I'm "smashed" that's about 12-16 shots along with a lot of soda....but it differs with height and weight as well...I'm 5'9" and about 230 pounds, I also have a high tolerance...someone shorter or taller or thinner or heavier is going to have different results.

Anyway, roughly four to 5 shots in quick succession is average.

there is no standard

it depends on their health, weight, alcohol tolerance, what they have eaten, genetics, and many other factors.

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