Should the drinking age be lower?!

Question: Should the drinking age be lower?
In the US, the minimum legal drinking age is 21--at least 3 years higher than any other country. Why is this, and do you think it should be changed? If you do think it should be lower, why?


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defiantely! it sucks to wait till you 21, i'm still not 21, i'm 17 and i've been driking since I was 8.... just can't wait till I can walk in the liqour and do it myself whenever i want

I think it's fine where it's at. Germany, for example, you can drink at 16, but you can't drive till your 18. If we were to lower the drinking age the already high number of teens drinking and driving would skyrocket. Although I think it's horrible that at 18 you can die for your country but not legally drink a beer, or get married but not drink a glass of champagne at your weddding, lowering legal drinking age wouldn't really prove beneficial.

thats the legal PURCHASE age
many states have laws that allow parents to supply alcoholic beverages to their children completely legally... usually in the home, but some states even allow this in bars/restaurants.

its untrue that its 3 years higher than any other country
there are some areas in india that are 25 (4 years higher)
Japan is 20 (1 year lower)
half of Canada is 19 (2 years lower)

Just look at the state of young drinkers in my country (England) and you will stick with 21. We all know that if 21 is the legal age those of 19 and 20 will be getting alcohol ,here the legal age is 18 so we get drunken 15 and 16 year olds! Alcohol abusein the young is a real problem here,making town centres no go areas at night, filling up A&E wasting doctors time and our money , creating havoc wherever these young drunks go ,tying up police who could be of more use elsewhere .

The majority of people under 21 are fact, most 21 year olds are idiots and the number of idiots only increases as age decreases.

So, the reason is that we don't want a bunch of morons getting drunk and causing problems. It's a public safety issue. And there is some medical reasons also (brain isn't fully developed).

when i was a teenager, i used to think it should be lower. but now that im older and on the other side, its clear that it should stay where it is. Teenagers are impulsive and not nearly as grown up and capable of making good decisions as they think they are. Its something you cant see until youre on the other side looking in.

Yes, I think we should do away with an age limit at all. My beliefs are that if we grow up with alcohol it won't seem like some "magic" rite of passage and hopefully people wouldn't abuse it so much and get in trouble. Kind of like growing up with candy. Most of us learned our lesson the hard way that too much candy would give us a stomach ache, but it didn't cause any "true damage" like drunk driving, cirrohsis of the liver, etc.

If anything it should be made higher in the U.S. because too many in their early 20s
remain immature and/or still live with their parents too often working low-paying jobs.

personal opinion and my eyes

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